Health & Safety

We strive to make our sites safe and enjoyable places to work by encouraging all staff and contractors on our sites to work collaboratively. We support staff on our sites with ground breaking schemes such as the provision of on-site nurse or doctor, why would we do that..

Health and Safety awareness in the workplace has improved considerably in recent years, with legislation and enforcement leading to fewer serious injuries and deaths, nevertheless construction remains a high risk industry.

Whilst this reduction is to be welcomed, an opportunity is being lost to engage workers with strategies for improving their individual health awareness and reducing other avoidable causes of injury and death. Health intervention in the workplace can be driven by specific occupational health risks.

At JMC, we care passionately for the health of our employees and colleagues in the workplace. To that end, we have introduced a pilot study to define if there is an unmet health need on construction sites, and one which could be addressed.


A registered nurse is made available who is experienced in the screening of outwardly healthy people, both male and female.

Located in a dedicated room within the office accommodation for the duration of the six hours all site workers are made aware of the availability of the nurse.

The agenda would be set by the worker during the consultation, but the nurse would ask all about lifestyle and measure certain health parameters.

All consultations are confidential and data extracted is anonymous.

Average Consultation Length 20 minutes

What we want to learn:

Extract from Considerate Constructor on a Create Construction Site – Southampton

“The company and site show a commitment to operative general health. JMC should be commended on their initiative to bring a doctor on site to provide check-ups for the workforce. This appears to have been a huge success.”

“The M&E subcontractor arranged for a doctor to attend site to provide check ups, this was attended by a broad cross section of the workforce. This is very unusual for a site of this duration”

ISG site – Darwen

“I certainly think it was a very proactive step towards discharging what could eventually become every employers responsibility to undertake regular health screening of their workforce”

John Dunn
Contracts Manager ISG
On site health checks