About JMC

The foundation of our success is based primarily on repeat business, but what makes us unique and ultimately leads to new clients can be summarised as follows:


Our safety record and the way we strive to ensure all the sites we’re involved with are safe environments to work within.

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Employee Care

The care and respect we show to our employees and sub-contractors. We’re proud of the fact that many of our employees and sub-contractors have been working with us for several years; we believe a healthy, stable workforce enables us to consistently deliver the quality of work our clients expect. We’ve run ground breaking schemes such as providing an on-site nurse, on which the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme’ commented,” xxxxxxx”

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Quality of our work

The fundamental reason our clients keep returning to us is down to the quality of our work. We are driven by the desire to make every project a success for everyone involved and our primary aims are the quality of the service and the final product we deliver. You’ll see comments from various clients throughout this website.

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Quality of our staff

The quality of our staff and sub-contractors. We can only deliver the quality of work our clients expect if we have the most skilled, qualified and dedicated workforce available. We put a lot of effort into choosing our staff and our sub-contractors. Of course, they must all have the correct training and certification and be highly adept within their specialism but we look for that little something extra. We need them to be able to work collaboratively with everyone else on a particular project because we understand this makes for a more efficient site.

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